Our Facilities

Quality Counseling prides itself in providing clean, spacious, and comfortable rooms for our clients.

Our group room for addiction counseling features large windows that provide natural light.

Our art therapy and play therapy rooms are fully equipped.

Our supervised visitation rooms are unparalleled in the region.

We can accommodate nursing mothers all the way to families with up to ten children.

Our nurseries provide a pleasant environment for maternal bonding.

Our rooms are furnished with high quality and comfortable furniture to make your stay more enjoyable.

Our tastefully-decorated thematic rooms are welcoming, engaging, and stimulating for children of various ages and genders.

Our dining room is large and provides a relative degree of privacy for families.

All supervised visitation rooms have access to large indoor play areas.

Consequently, families are not confined to a room for the entire length of their visit and children have ample opportunity to get some exercise.