Offered to Court-Referred Clients through our DCS Community-Based Contract

4 & 10 and parts of 6 & 7

Counties Served

LaGrange, Steuben, Noble, DeKalb, Whitley, Allen, Marion, Huntington, and Adams

Service Description

DBT Therapy tries to identify and change negative thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral changes. It can be used to treat suicidal and other self-destructive behaviors.

Service Delivery

The program involves skill groups, individual sessions, and a consultation team.

DBT Helps People Who

Live chaotic painful lives

Feel suicidal sometimes

Hurt themselves deliberately to change the way that they feel

Are anxious much of the time

Have spells of dissociation, forgetfulness, or “spaciness”

Numbing out” in response to fear, anger, etc.

Feel depressed a lot

Feel painful and empty

Feel out of control of their behavior

Have trouble staying sober

Eat and/or sleep too much or too little

Ongoing conflicts in relationships

Intense and rapid mood changes

Inability to relax

Holding in anger and then “blowing up” at others

Impulsive or reactive decisions

Spending too much

Trouble recognizing choice

Feeling overwhelmed

Avoiding responsibilities, people, or events