Offered to Court-Referred Clients through our DCS Community-Based Contract

Regions Served

4 & 10 and parts of 6 & 7

Counties Served

Allen, Adams, DeKalb, Huntington, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Whitley and Marion

Service Description

Quality Counseling provide assistance and support to fathers whose children are involved with the Department of Child Services.

Quality Counseling works actively with DCS employees to successfully engage fathers in services that will improve safety, stability, well-being and permanency for their children.

Quality Counseling assist fathers in strengthening the relationship with their children and promoting positive relationships between the families and the local DCS family case managers and others involved in their children’s case.

Service Delivery

The direct worker from Quality Counseling shall make efforts to make periodic visits to DCS offices to network with FCM’s and attend CFTM’s when requested.

Quality Counseling will secure and maintain a working relationship with the Family Case Managers and other relevant DCS staff to provide a liaison between the fathers and DCS.

When DCS Family Case Managers have exhausted all known diligent search efforts and inquiries, Quality Counseling will assist in locating and engaging fathers (including those who may be incarcerated or who live out of state).

Quality Counseling will actively engage referred fathers with the goal of increasing their involvement in the DCS case.

Quality Counseling will conduct intake interviews, and collect demographic and other outcome data for reporting purposes. Services will include ongoing monitoring of father/parental progress.

Quality Counseling will work collaboratively with DCS, other contracted service providers, community organizations, and individuals to develop, maintain, and provide appropriate programming for fathers whose children are involved in the child welfare system.

Quality Counseling will possess a clear understanding of male learning styles and male help seeking behaviors and will practice effective techniques for father engagement through a non-judgmental, holistic viewpoint regarding father/child relationship, focusing on the child in the context of the family.

Quality Counseling will refer participants, when indicated, to community resources and other organizations.