Offered to Court-Referred Clients through our DCS Community-Based Contract

Regions Served

4 & 10 and parts of 6 & 7

Counties Served

Allen, Adams, DeKalb, Huntington, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Whitley and Marion

Service Description

Homemakers and parent aides provides assistance and support for parents who are unable to appropriately fulfill parenting and/or homemaking functions.

Service Delivery

Paraprofessional staff assists the family through advocating, teaching, demonstrating, monitoring, and/or role modeling new, appropriate skills for coping with the following areas in an effort to build self-sufficiency:

● Time management
● Care of children (Life Skills Training not the provision of Child Care)
● Child development
● Health care
● Community resources (referrals)
● Transportation *
● Supervise visitation with child(ren)**
● Identify support systems
● Problem solving
● Family reunification/preservation
● Resource management/Budgeting
● Child safety
● Child nutrition
● Home management
● Parenting skills
● Housing
● Self esteem
● Crisis resolution
● Parent/child interaction
● Supervision