Offered to Court-Referred Clients through our DCS Community-Based Contract

Regions Served

4 & 10 and parts of 6 & 7

Counties Served

Allen, Adams, DeKalb, Huntington, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Whitley, and Marion

Service Description

The purpose of the Truancy Termination services is to provide school drop-out prevention education, job readiness skills services, parent education, and family support services to youth and their families in order to reduce recidivism of delinquent youth and truants. The goal of the service is to ensure that youth and their parents (if applicable) participate in the program and to increase regular school attendance.

Service Delivery

The truancy termination program will be provided by Family support workers. Family Support Workers are to work with family members to:

Identify reasons for youth’s truancy and barriers to regular and positive school attendance.

Work with school personnel and Probation Officers to identify solutions and interventions necessary to ensure school attendance.

Increase the youth’s involvement in the school, and improve academic performance.

Attend parent/teacher conferences and attend classes with the student.

Provide services in the areas of parent education and crisis intervention, including
direct services.

Be present as the court directs, including, but not limited to the initial hearing, where the worker will meet with the youth and family and complete the preliminary intake.